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Lilburn Municipal Court is now operating in a brand-new building on Lawrenceville Highway that also houses the Lilburn Police Department. The judge and solicitor that operate the court work part-time on a contract with the city. They will usually be the same person at every court hearing and do not rotate like other traffic courts.

The municipality of Lilburn is relatively small with only around 15,000 population. But the presence of heavily trafficked Highway-29 means that Lilburn experiences a high level of daily commuter traffic. This corridor is heavily patrolled by Lilburn Police Department and most Lilburn traffic citations will be issued on this road.

Lilburn itself is a highly diverse city with over 1/3 of the population identifying as Hispanic. A Spanish translator is available in court at most sessions, and other language translators are also available.

“Lilburn Municipal Court is one of my favorite traffic courts to work in. I have gotten excellent results for my clients and made stressful situations go away. I would gladly take on your Lilburn traffic violation.”

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Our Lilburn traffic ticket lawyer will resolve most of your Lilburn traffic citations in the municipal court. We find the court to be reasonable in negotiating most charges to non-reporting in exchange for a fine and/or defensive driving course.

In addition to having your charge reduced, we can typically appear in Lilburn Municipal Court without you having to be present. This means we can save you time and money from having to attend a court hearing.

Any CDL driver that receives a traffic violation in Lilburn should consider hiring a Lilburn traffic lawyer to handle their case. We can typically have your charge amended to avoid any serious disqualification of your CDL. This includes accidents or other moving violations.

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