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Dekalb County traffic tickets are handled in the State Court of Dekalb County. As the 4th most populous county and located in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Dekalb County traffic court handles a large number of traffic cases every year. The presence of major interstates I-285, I-20, and I-85 means that millions of drivers pass through the county every year. These heavily traveled roadways are also among the busiest and most dangerous in the country.

The Dekalb County State Court is currently split into two divisions now. Division A was previously known as the Jury Division. While Division B was previously known as the Traffic Division. Previously it was possible to have your case transferred between divisions by demanding a jury trial, but that is no longer the case. Jury demands on traffic violations will also be heard in Division B (formerly Traffic Division).

Four full-time judges hear cases in Dekalb County Division B and the Dekalb County Solicitor General’s Office is responsible for prosecuting traffic citations in Dekalb County. Each of the courtrooms is assigned a full-time solicitor that prosecutes the traffic violations.

Unlike other traffic courts in Georgia, Dekalb County State Court Division B does not currently handle DUI cases or other misdemeanor criminal cases. The court is still handling some cases over zoom depending on the judge

“I handle my first traffic case in Dekalb County traffic court way back in law school. The traffic court in Dekalb County is my home court and I have been an integral part of the traffic court for over a decade. I have a well-earned reputation in handling traffic cases in Dekalb County and hope to use that on your behalf.”

Sam McRae, Georgia Traffic Lawyer
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Dekalb County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Sam McRae has been a practicing Dekalb County traffic lawyer since 2009. He practiced in the old Dekalb County Recorder’s Court and has regularly handled cases in Dekalb County State Court throughout his time as a traffic attorney.

The type of Dekalb County traffic tickets that are common include car accidents, speeding, and CDL violations. All of these cases can be handled satisfactorily but as the Dekalb County traffic court judges have begun to crack down on the bad driving that occurred since the pandemic began the results have not been as easily earned.

Car accidents are extremely common in Dekalb County and one charge our Dekalb County traffic ticket lawyer often handles is moving violations stemming from automobile accidents. If you are being found at fault or if you want to challenge your citation, we can often help.

For one, we can often handle your car accident case without you having to appear in court or on a zoom hearing. This can save you time and money from missing work or changing your schedule.

The other outcome we often achieve for our car accident clients is to have their charges reduced to a non-reporting charge that avoids points on their driver’s license. While this may not avoid your car insurance from increasing, it will keep your driving record clean.

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Traffic law has been our main focus for over a decade and we pride ourselves in providing exceptional value to our clients.

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You may never think about your driving record being as valuable as your credit report, but it can make just as much difference for insurance rates or gainful employment.

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The vast majority of our clients never set foot in the courtroom but get the same benefit as if they had.

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“Got mulitple tickets on same street in same month. Had to go to court for both on the same day. Sam took care of everything. Got both reduced no points and no insurance hike. Thanks Sam”


“I recently got in a car accident that resulted in a ticket. I called Sam right away as I had heard he was the best! He immediately got to work, appeared in court for me and was even able to get my fine reduced! If you are in need of an attorney I highly recommend Sam McRae. Professional, efficient, and very knowledgeable!”


“Retained Sam McRae for a stop sign ticket. He handled it all exactly as he said he would. If you want PEACE OF MIND Sam is THE MAN. Thanks again Sam”


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Dekalb County’s new courthouse is used today and is located off Decatur Square.