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The attorneys at Pak and McRae Law all began their careers as criminal defense attorney Atlanta ga area. Our legal careers are founded on the belief in defending constitutional rights. We have made criminal law a cornerstone of our practice.

When choosing an Atlanta criminal lawyer consider their experience handling your type of case in the criminal court your case is in. 

Criminal Defense Lawyer Atlanta GA

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Misdemeanor cases are criminal offenses that are punishable with up to 12 months imprisonment or probation, and $1000 fines. They include DUI, Possession of Marijuana, and some domestic violence cases. The Atlanta criminal defense attorney at Pak and McRae Law have extensive experience in handling misdemeanor cases.


Felony cases are generally more serious offenses that are punishable with at least 1 year of imprisonment or probation and up. These type of cases have consequences that will follow you for life. And include offenses like drug possession, aggravated assault and battery cases, and murder. In almost every felony case you will want to retain a criminal lawyer in Atlanta for your case.

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know your rights

A criminal defense attorney in  Atlanta ga will know how to defend your rights. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or serious felony, the same rights apply. The most important right you have is to representation in the court of law by one of our Atlanta criminal lawyers. 

The list below does not cover all the rights that apply in a criminal case but are some of the most important.


Right to Representation

You absolutely have a right to be represented by an attorney at all points during your case, even before arrest. Use that right by retaining an Atlanta criminal attorney.


right to remain silent

You have the right not to incriminate yourself. Too many defendants fail to use this right. Don’t make it easy to convict you by talking to the police unrepresented.


right against illegal search and seizure

The police must get a warrant before they enter or search your house in most cases. These rules apply differently to automobiles. A criminal lawyer in Atlanta can help you determine if this right was violated.

we are your criminal defense attorney atlanta ga. all the way through.

We have experience working on both sides of criminal law as prosecutors and defense attorneys.

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our criminal defense attorney atlanta ga services Include:

Our criminal lawyer services cover almost any charge but here are some of the most common issues that arise.

Issues that may arise in Criminal Law

Drug Cases

As Atlanta criminal attorney we handle a lot of drug cases. These can range from simple possession of marijuana to serious drug trafficking cases. many issues can occur during the police investigation and your arrest that can help us beat your case. This is where our experience helps.

In Georgia, marijuana cases have been turned on their head due to new laws passed by the legislature concerning hemp. Hemp is now legal in Georgia, and looks almost exactly like marijuana. Because you need a lab test to tell the difference and the GBI lab does not have capabilities to test all the marijuana in every case, we can often have your case dismissed. In fact many jurisdictions no longer prosecutor misdemeanor marijuana cases.

More serious drug cases like cocaine, prescription drugs, and meth are being prosecuted. These cases are considered felonies in Georgia and being convicted of a felony may have serious consequences for the rest of your life. A first offense is not likely to result in serious prison time but you could lose your ability to vote and you will have to disclose your felony on some job applications. It’s best if you have an attorney that does drug cases guide you through the process.

Drug cases usually have an element of search and seizure law. How did the police find the drugs? Did you give them permission to search your body or possessions (never do this)? Did they suspect you had drugs in your possession? Where were the drugs found, in your car or your house? Did the drugs belong to someone else? Why did the police stop you anyway? These sorts of questions can lead to good suppression issues that an Atlanta criminal lawyer can pursue on your behalf.

The most serious drug cases in Georgia are trafficking cases. These cases can involve any drug in large enough quantities and carry mandatory sentences. One of our founding criminal attorneys Gunner Pak once had a trafficking case dismissed that involved pounds of heroin. This is no small feat considering the client was facing a decade in prison.

DUI cases are our bread and butter as criminal lawyers in Atlanta. We have dedicated an entire page of our website discussing those cases and will be brief here. 

DUI lawyers in Atlanta will always look at certain factors involved in your arrest. These include whether you did the field sobriety tests (don’t do these) or blew in the breathalyzer or the officer got a warrant to take blood for an alcohol test. We will also look at video (if available) of your driving and demeanor during the traffic stop, as well as any incriminating statements you made about the “two beers” you drank before driving. 

The truth is as Atlanta criminal defense lawyers we make it our business to know DUI law better than the officer that arrested you. Founding criminal lawyer Sam McRae has tripped up many State Troopers on the stand during a jury trial by questioning the knowledge (or lack) of their his/her own tests. 

DUI Cases

Domestic Violence Cases

As criminal lawyers in Atlanta GA for over a decade we have handled our share of domestic violence cases. These have included serious felony cases to misdemeanor domestic violence cases. 

In Georgia, any assault or battery between two people that live together or have lived together is considered a domestic violence cases. This can include roommates that have no romantic relationship, or romantic partners that stay the night with one another but keep separate domiciles.

When a cases is considered a domestic violence case rather than a normal case involving violence more serious consequences can result. Because domestic violence has a negative connotation in society and the media, prosecutors are less likely to drop cases when both parties no longer wish to pursue prosecution. This doesn’t happen in every case but prosecutors have pursued warrants for victims that refuse to testify to hold them in custody until trial. 

The consequences of being convicted of a domestic violence case include not only jail or prison and probation, but also your ability to own or carry certain firearms. The repercussions of a conviction to domestic violence will follow you for life and consulting a criminal defense attorney is in your best interest.