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Pak and McRae Law has been the go to Atlanta traffic lawyer for the past decade. We have built a solid reputation for representing clients in traffic court. These relationships with have built with the court help us achieve our over 95% success rate for our clients. 

Whether you are looking for a lawyer for Atlanta Municipal Court or any of the other traffic courts in the area, we are your one stop law firm for traffic violations.

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Pak and McRae Law serves clients charged with traffic violations in Atlanta courts. Our practice is focused on representing clients who have been charged with a variety of traffic violations, from speeding tickets to driving with a suspended license. By narrowly focusing our practice areas, we have been able to develop the expertise, experience and relationships necessary to bring your case to the best possible resolution. As one of our specialties, our firm is well-versed in commercial driver’s licenses. These cases involve people who are at risk of losing much more than just their licenses, they could lose their jobs. We use our knowledge of state laws to work hard to reinstate people’s clean driving histories and get back on the road.

We Maintain a Ninety Percent Success Rate

Pak and McRae Law is a small practice, but our size does not determine our results. Our firm has earned a positive reputation that is backed by our proven success rate of 90 percent. And we attribute this to hard work, attention to detail and ultimately giving clients what they want.

Personal Attention Sets Us Apart

Pak and McRae Law, one way we differentiate ourselves from our competition is that we strive to build our practice by providing quality service, one client at a time. We don’t treat you like a number, we offer individual attention to each case, which is often absent when working with larger firms.

We Offer Guidance throughout the Entire Process

Getting a traffic ticket in Atlanta is stressful and a huge hassle to handle. It can be especially stressful for drivers under the age of 21 since many state laws specifically target teenagers. However, no matter how old you are, if you are improperly represented, the long-term consequences could be detrimental to your driver’s license and insurance premiums.

We can help relieve the worry and anxiety of an Atlanta traffic ticket, and we can typically offer representation without requiring you to take time out of your schedule to appear in court. With most cases, our representation can be secured over the phone, without requiring an office visit to interrupt your day. A quality lawyer from Pak and McRae Law is the key to handling all traffic violations, from a minor speeding ticket to a serious traffic citation that could endanger your driver’s license.

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Traffic law is a sub-niche of criminal law that requires specialized knowledge. The nuances present in Georgia’s traffic law create pitfalls that even attorneys fail to recognize. This is why you need a traffic lawyer in Atlanta to guide you through the process.


Avoid the hassle of court

Your Atlanta traffic lawyer will attend traffic court on your behalf in the vast majority of cases so that you don’t have to.


over 95% success rate

We maintain a high rate of success in having traffic violations dismissed or reduced.


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Our ticket attorney specialists have spent over a decade developing our skills and relationships as traffic lawyers in Atlanta so we get positive results.

we are your Atlanta traffic lawyer. all the way through.

Our ticket attorneys have developed a specialize skillset in handling traffic court cases. We can cut through the bureaucracy of the most chaotic traffic court in Atlanta.

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our professional services Include:

The team at Pak and McRae Law will represent you as your lawyer in traffic court; often without you having to appear. We will pursue the best result for your traffic case that can avoid consequences to your driving record. 

Issues that may arise in traffic law

Car Accident Attorney Services

One of the most common cases the traffic law firm handles is car accident cases for parties that have been cited. This is usually the “at fault” party that the officer issuing the citation believes is liable for the accident. 

Our approach to these cases is to first analyze if you are actually at fault. This would include reading the police report and discussing the case with you. We may conduct further investigation like looking for cameras or interviewing other witnesses – but this is not always possible.

Typically, if your insurance company decides to accept responsibility for the accident on your behalf they will issue a letter to that effect. With that letter, we can generally go to court and have your charged (and sometimes your fine) reduced. This will keep the original charge off your record. This does NOT mean that the insurance company will not raise your premiums. They obviously know about the accident and will calculate your rates accordingly. 

This is helpful however, in that going forward, you will not have the conviction for the traffic violation on your record. This can be helpful for employment purposes or when handling future traffic cases. 

If we consider the accident not to be your fault, then we may proceed towards a trial. In traffic court, this will always be a bench trial where a judge hears your accident case and decides your guilt. There is potential downside in that if you are convicted we do not have a chance to negotiate a reduced charge or fine, but sometimes this option is necessary if you are facing high medical bills from injuries sustained in the accident and wish to pursue a personal injury claim.

CDL Driver Lawyer Services

CDL drivers hold a special class of license that allows them to drive commercial trucks and other vehicles. Because of the danger inherent in the operation of such vehicles, the State of Georgia holds CDL drivers to higher standards when it comes to their driving record. 

For instance, two moving violations may suspend a CDL driver for a period of time – which would end their ability to make a living by driving. In many instances, a single violation on their record would raise insurance premiums so high that employers would reconsider hiring them for a job. In almost every instance, CDL drivers are better off hiring a traffic lawyer to handle their case to try to avoid these severe consequences.

Traffic law in Georgia gets even trickier when handling traffic tickets that were received while operating the commercial vehicle. ANY moving traffic violation in that situation will be reported on the CDL holder’s driving record. This means even most standard reductions to violations that carry zero points on a driving record and are not typically be reported for normal drivers are actually reported for CDL drivers.

These intricacies in Georgia traffic law are the tip of the ice berg when handling CDL tickets and make it imperative that a CDL holder consult a traffic lawyer when issued a citation in any traffic court in Atlanta.  

Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding tickets are what most people think of when the topic of traffic violations come up. And they are a large part of our traffic ticket law practice. According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services website the points break down like this:

  • Under 15 miles over the speed limit – 0 points
  • 15-18 over – 2 points
  • 19-23 over – 3 points
  • 24-33 over – 4 points
  • 34+ over – 6 points

You must accumulate 15 points in a 24 month period for your license to be suspended. So you see how this can add up if you are a habitual speeder.

The points themselves aren’t the total story. Your insurance company will periodically review your driving history when calculating your premiums and the presence of speeding violations could potentially cause those rates to skyrocket. 

The traffic lawyers at Pak and McRae Law know how to avoid speeding tickets being reported on your record – especially if we are dealing with your first speeding violation.

An additional consideration is Super Speeder violations. These are cases where you are going 75 mph in a two-lane road or 85 mph on the interstate. These cases come with an additional $200 fine separate from your fine in court. We can usually negotiate your speeding ticket to avoid the super speeder.

Your Lawyer for Failure to Appear Tickets

A failure to appear occurs when you miss your court date or fail to address your citation prior to your court date. This can occur for many reasons, but can have severe consequences on your ability to drive and potentially lead to arrest. 

Once you miss traffic court, the court will typically issue a notice to the Department of Driver Services to suspend your driver’s license. Driver Services will issue you a warning letter giving you a period of time to comply. In rare (but not completely unusual) the court may issue a bench warrant for your failure to attend court. Regardless of what steps the court has taken against you, the clock is ticking.

In many of the courts we handle cases, we can often stop a failure to appear from being issued if we are able to intervene in a short period of time. Even if you don’t retain us in time, we know how each court resolves failure to appear tickets and can act quickly to avoid your license being suspended or restore your driving privileges. 

We have a long track record of handling old traffic violations at our ticket law firm. We have been able to resolve cases that are several years old that may have been lost in the system or simple overlooked for whatever reason. With almost every state in the country now communicating driving records to one another, this has become a common occurrence for an out of state driver to suddenly have to deal with an old Georgia traffic violation. 

In almost any failure to appear traffic case we can resolve the problems swiftly and even negotiate a resolution the keeps your record clean.