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We go the distance for our clients to keep a small mistake from becoming a huge problem. We proudly serve Georgia’s traffic courts.

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A Georgia Traffic Lawyer that provides value to his clients.

Sam McRae has been practicing traffic law since 2010. He has become well-regarded in the Atlanta metro and beyond for his skills in traffic court. Traffic judges know him for being a professional that gets job done for his clients.

We won’t take your case if we can’t add value by getting you the result that you expect.

Why Choose Sam McRae Law to Handle Your Georgia Traffic Ticket?

Transparent Flat Rate Fee

We don’t ask for more money later. We tell you our fee. You pay us once and we go to work on your behalf until the job is done.

Avoid Attending Court

In the majority of traffic courts, we can handle your case on your behalf without you having to be present.

Thousands of Happy Clients

We’ve been doing this awhile and have accumulated thousands of happy clients that often refer friends and family members.

Keep Your Insurance Low

Insurance companies are looking for a reason to raise your rates. We keep your driving record clean so they don’t have an excuse.

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Types of Traffic Cases:

We handle a wide variety of traffic cases around Georgia. We have unique experiences from being a specialist in this area of law that we can put to use on your behalf.

Car Accidents

The most common ticket is a result of a car accident. We can avoid the worst consequences.


CDL Drivers

Truck drivers are our favorite clients. You keep our shelves stocked and we keep you driving.


Speeding Tickets

You may have let your speed get away from you, but we can mitigate the consequences.


License Suspensions

We can help you restore your driver’s license or prevent it from being taken away in the first place.


Under-21 Year Old Drivers

Georgia traffic law is especially harsh on under-21 drivers. We can guide you through the process.


Street Racing

Local law enforcement is cracking down on these cases – and rightfully so – but have they gone too far?


Our Results Speak for Themselves

“Got mulitple tickets on same street in same month. Had to go to court for both on the same day. Sam took care of everything. Got both reduced no points and no insurance hike. Thanks Sam”


“I recently got in a car accident that resulted in a ticket. I called Sam right away as I had heard he was the best! He immediately got to work, appeared in court for me and was even able to get my fine reduced! If you are in need of an attorney I highly recommend Sam McRae. Professional, efficient, and very knowledgeable!”


“Retained Sam McRae for a stop sign ticket. He handled it all exactly as he said he would. If you want PEACE OF MIND Sam is THE MAN. Thanks again Sam”


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