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A Team From the Beginning

We founded Pak and McRae Law in 2013 to better serve our clients through a team effort. Sam was already established as the go to Atlanta traffic lawyer. Gunner was practicing criminal defense lawyer after a stint in the Dekalb County District Attorney’s office. Johnny Waller joined the firm shortly afterwards as our associate attorney. These three attorneys form the core of our team.

The Courtroom is a Way of Life

As criminal defense lawyers from early in our careers all three of our attorneys have spent extensive time representing clients in court. In fact, they probably met each other in court. We developed our skills as attorneys the old fashion way by doing. We bring these skills to the civil field as personal injury attorney.

Prepare for Trial First, then Negotiate

While we are trial attorneys first, our primary skill set is negotiating resolutions to your case. We want to get you the best result in your case, and know that is usually achieved through a strategy of negotiation backed by confidence gained from experience of taking cases to trial.

Diversity Matters

Not only do our attorneys come from very diverse backgrounds, they have very different skillsets as attorneys. We draw on these differences to provide our clients with the best approach to their cases. Sometimes your case may need Gunner’s hard charging personality and in others you may need Sam’s quiet intellect and in others Johnny’s steady and reliable demeanor. 

The Team

We take a team approach at our law firm. You aren’t hiring one attorney but you are hiring the firm. In essence, you are hiring three attorneys for the price of one.

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