Many people view the assistance of an attorney as an additional, unnecessary fee. However, there are a number of reasons someone with an Atlanta traffic violation would do well to hire a Dekalb traffic lawyer.

When you receive a ticket, there is more than just a fine associated with the citation, especially in the long run. By paying the fine you are admitting guilt in a court of law. The charge is recorded on your driving history and points accrue on your license.

Over time these points will be sent to your insurance agency effectively raising your “risk-level” and in turn your premiums go up. A ticket that costs you $200 in fines could end up costing you hundreds, even thousands of extra dollars in the long run.

Also, in more serious cases, the help of an experienced attorney could mean a difference of thousands of dollars in fines and even freedom vs jail-time.

By hiring an experienced Dekalb traffic attorney you are buying more than just professional legal services, you are also buying piece of mind. With Sam McRae at your side you can avoid the hassle of court dates, lower your fines and stop those points from ever reaching your insurance company or your driving history. So if you have a ticket, major or minor, make sure to contact this office for a legal consultation and a large dose of peace of mind.