When you receive a ticket, be it for speeding, running a stop sign or not using your blinker, you have two options. You may pay your fine or go to court and fight the charge. Many people aren’t interested in the hassle of taking off time from work to go to court, wait in long lines and deal with the legal system (and rightfully so) so they pay off their fine and assume the case is over.

What many people don’t realize is that by doing so, they are in fact costing themselves more money in the long run. After the fine is paid, a charge (depending on the offense) is added to their driving history and with it are points that accrue on their license. These points are reported to their insurance company which indicates a certain amount of risk and thus inflates that driver’s premiums costing them hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars in the long run.

If those same drivers were to have contacted a Dekalb traffic lawyer to resolve their case, their attorney could have likely lessened their initial fee and erased the points before they were ever recorded on their driving history. In the end the insurance company would have never known the violation had occurred and the case would have been truly resolved with little more hassle than the driver had in the first place.

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