Sam McRae has taken on the most serious traffic violations in Johns Creek Municipal court over the years, and has used his experience as a Johns Creek traffic lawyer to provide his clients with the best possible outcomes.

Johns Creek is in the northern part of Fulton county, and operates a traffic court with jurisdiction over most traffic violations in Johns Creek, and some misdemeanor cases. The prosecutors are the same as in other nearby municipal courts, and Sam McRae deals with this group on a regular basis. He uses this familiarity to either work out your case to a non-reporting violation to avoid points and insurance increases. Or to fight your case and have it dismissed. Sam McRae will use his expertise as a traffic lawyer in Johns Creek to guide you through the process.

Sam McRae can represent you in Johns Creek without you having to appear in most cases. This will save you the hassle of dealing with traffic court yourself, or the expense of traveling back to Johns Creek if you live out of the area. If you would like to discuss your Johns Creek traffic ticket case, please call us today.