Fulton County, Georgia operates several traffic courts. The largest of these is the Fulton County Magistrate court, or Traffic Bureau, in downtown Atlanta. There are also two smaller annex courts that also handle traffic cases. Sam McRae is the Fulton County traffic lawyer you need to handle your case in any of these courts.

Fulton County Magistrate Court (aka the Traffic Bureau)

Fulton County Magistrate court is also known as the Traffic Bureau of Fulton County. This court has jurisdiction over traffic violations within Fulton County. Even so, most of the traffic violations occurring in the county will be handled in Atlanta Municipal Court. A handful of police agencies will forgo taking their cases to that court, and bring them to Fulton County Magistrate Court in downtown Atlanta. These agencies include the State Highway Patrol, Georgia Tech Police Department, and the Fulton County Sheriffs office.

This court is unusual from other traffic courts in Fulton county in many ways. For one, there is no prosecutor assigned to the court, and the police officers prosecute the cases themselves. This means that we negotiate directly with the officers in court. Secondly, the date on your citation is not only your arraignment date, but also your trial date. This means two things, if the officer is not present – you may have your cases dismissed. But if he is present, you must be prepared to try your case at the first court appearance.

Because of the unique setup of this Fulton county traffic court, you can often earn yourself a dismissal by having your Fulton county traffic attorney appear on your behalf. We can either negotiate a reduction or motion for a dismissal. Sam McRae has a high track record of having cases dismissed in this court.

Fulton County North Annex Magistrate Court

This court is located on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, Georgia. It is across the street from Sandy Springs Municipal Court and often confused for one another. This court is the usual venue for State Highway Patrol cases in the north part of Fulton County. There is a prosecutor, and we maintain a very high success rate in this court as well. Our clients typically do not need to appear.

Fulton County South Annex Magistrate Court

Fulton county also has a South Annex traffic court in Palmetto, Georgia. This court serves as a venue for some traffic violations occurring in south Fulton. Most cases brought to this court are minor and can be dealt with in diversion – which will result in a dismissal for the majority of our clients. A prosecutor is present and will negotiate most cases to non-reporting reductions that won’t appear on your driving history – thus avoiding insurance increases and points on your record. We can appear on your behalf without you having to be present.

Proven results in Fulton County Traffic Courts

Our firm has handled cases in every traffic court in Fulton County, and maintains a high rate of success in having charges reduced or dismissed. We are the Fulton County Traffic Lawyers that come through for our clients because we have the experience to guide them through the process to the best possible result. Often without you having to appear in court – which will save you time, expense, and hassle. If you find yourself charged with a traffic violation, a DUI, or any other violation in Fulton County traffic court, we are the law firm that gets you results. Call us today.