I regularly take cases in Dunwoody Municipal Court.  Dunwoody Municipal Court has jurisdiction over traffic violations, and some misdemeanors (including DUIs) that occur within the city limits of Dunwoody.  If you are charged with a citation or crime in Dunwoody, it is important that you consult an attorney that regularly practices in Dunwoody Municipal Court.  It could make all the difference to your case by hiring an attorney that knows the court.  In many cases, this court will allow attorneys to appear on behalf of clients without them having to go to court.  The tickets can be amended and later paid online, without the client having to set foot in court.  This is especially helpful for drivers wanting to take advantage of the benefits of a reduction, but live out of state or are too busy to attend court.

I handle the following cases in Dunwoody:


Accident Cases

Moving Violations

Driving with Suspended License


And all others.