Doraville Municipal Court is located in Dekalb County and has jurisdiction over traffic violations and some misdemeanors that occur in the city limits of Doraville, Georgia.  These cases range from speeding, accident cases, simple possession of marijuana, to DUIs.  If you are charged with one of these cases or a similar one in Doraville Municipal Court, you should consult an attorney that regularly practices in Doraville Municipal Court to understand more about your case.

The traffic court in Doraville is located off Buford Highway near the interchange with I-285. Doraville police officers commonly patrol the section of this interstate within Doraville city limits. Another prime location that officers patrol is near the numerous adult clubs within Doraville city limits. The police force has a reputation for being over-aggressive in DUI arrests – but typically does a fair job in following proper procedure. A Doraville DUI lawyer will be able to assist in defending your Doraville DUI case, and examining possible issues in your Doraville DUI case.

As for Doraville traffic ticket cases, the court is served by the same prosecutors as other nearby municipal courts in North Dekalb and Fulton. Reductions to minor traffic violations are routine when you hire a traffic lawyer. More serious traffic offenders are always advised to retain a Doraville traffic lawyer familiar with Doraville Municipal Court. I have been able to resolve super speeder tickets, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, and other serious charges without my client having a record.

In almost every instance, Doraville Municipal Court will allow attorneys to appear on behalf of clients.  The tickets can be amended to a charge that is non-reporting and you can pay in person at the window prior to a follow-up court date – usually two weeks.  If you are unable to travel to pay in person, I can arrange for myself or someone from my office to pay the fine on your amended citation, if you provide us with a money order for the fine amount made out to the court prior to the deadline.  We can handle your Doraville traffic ticket without you ever having to appear.

Call today if you have any questions about hiring a Dekalb County Traffic Lawyer to represent you in Doraville Muncipal Court.