Sam McRae Law focuses on handling traffic cases in DeKalb County Recorders Court which is now the Traffic Division of Dekalb County State Court. This court is one of the highest volume courts in the state of Georgia, with hundreds of cases handled on a daily basis. It is easy to feel as though your voice will get lost in the crowd and your case will be treated the same as the mass coming before and after it; but when equipped with a quality, experienced traffic court attorney in Atlanta, you’ll be prepared and ready to defend your case.

Sam McRae Law handles several cases every single week in DeKalb County Recorders Court. Because of this, our firm has built a good relationship with the prosecutors, judges and court staff. This experience and familiarity with the court allows us to get the best possible outcome for our clients. We can cut through the waiting time and confusion of this court, and work to have your case resolved without requiring you to appear in court.

DeKalb County Recorders Court did not process failure to appear cases for seven years between 2003 and 2010. If an offender missed court, he or she did not face any consequences. However, in the past two years, the court has made a large effort to process these cases, and many past offenders are finding their licenses suspended from tickets dating back to years before this. Aggressive driving and following too closely, for example, can lead to heavy fines and severe consequences, including jail time. Sam McRae Law strives to handle these cases for clients to prevent them from having to deal with such issues. We’re not only often able to save clients money in settling their old tickets, but we are also able to help streamline the process of handling the failure-to-appear cases.

When you need help with your traffic case in the DeKalb Recorders Court, you will benefit greatly from having an attorney who is a regular in this court – one who will help you best resolve your case. Contact Sam McRae Law today for a free initial consultation with a DeKalb traffic ticket attorney. To read more information online about traffic tickets, check out our FAQs.