Decatur Municipal Court has jurisdiction over traffic violations, city code violations, and some misdemeanors such as DUI and Minor in Possession that occur within the city limits of Decatur. Because our office is walking distance from Decatur Municipal Court, we practice in this court on a weekly basis. Our Decatur traffic lawyers are familiar faces with the court staff, judges, and prosecutors here. We have always had good results because of our familiarity with the court.

At the moment, the court is located in a new building at 420 West Trinity Place. This is also the new headquarters for the Decatur Police Department. Court is typically held after work hours a few times a week. Parking is adequate and free with overflow parking on the road beside the court. The judges rotate, so you have a mixed bag on how court is run. The City Solicitor is Larry Steele who is a local attorney and has held the post for years. The calendars for traffic court usually consists of 20 or so cases ranging from simple traffic violations to DUI cases.

As far as court procedure, Decatur Municipal Court operates their calendars as both arraignment and trial calendars. So, if you want a trial, you will have one on the same night as your arraignment. The Decatur police force is headquartered in the same building, so the officers are typically available as witnesses on short notice. All trials are bench trials as the court does not have jurisdiction over jury trials. A demand for a jury trial will result in your case being transferred to Dekalb State Court. If you plan on resolving your case in Decatur Municipal court, you can request a pretrial with the solicitor and work out your best deal before going in front of the judge. This is highly recommended for non-represented defendants.

There are many benefits to hiring a Decatur traffic lawyer to handle your Decatur traffic ticket. If you do not live nearby, we can handle your case without you being present. Sam McRae has built a relationship with the prosecutor by handling very serious cases in Decatur Municipal Court, and can negotiate the best possible outcome for you. Most of our cases resolve without the charge appearing on your driving record, and if you are charged with a DUI in Decatur, Georgia – you definitely need the assistant of a Decatur traffic attorney.

Decatur Municipal Court is one of our favorite places to practice law. We like the people and we like the results we get for our clients. If we have a difficult case that we can’t resolve in here, we have the option to move the case to Dekalb State Court – another good court for our firm. If you are considering hiring a traffic lawyer for your Decatur case, we hope that you will consider us.