Being based in Dekalb County, traffic lawyer Sam McRae and his associates regularly practice in Chamblee Municipal Court. The cases that can be heard in Chamblee Municipal Court include traffic violations including DUI, Driving With Suspended License, Driving With No License, and run of the mill traffic violations like speeding and accident cases. Chamblee Municipal Court can also hear some misdemeanor criminal cases like Possession of Marijuana and Shoplifting. Just because these cases are held in a municipal court does not mean the punishments are any less severe than in a State court.

Chamblee Municipal Court typically holds sessions in the evenings at 6pm. It is advised to arrive early as they open the doors early to begin processing cases. Once you clear security, you will be directed towards a line to check in with the clerks.

Once you check in, you will be directed to a particular courtroom based on what you want to do with your case. In almost every instance, it is best to pre-try your case with the prosecutor. This means you will talk to a prosecutor about your case to see if they are willing to reduce or dismiss the charges. While dismissals are rare, it is standard that you may receive an offer to plea to a reduced charge. This could save you points on your license and an increase in your insurance premiums. You will go in front of a judge to make your plea in the order in which you arrived. Once you have made your plea to the court, you can pay your fine at the court clerks’ window – or meet with probation if you have to make payments over time.

What a Chamblee Traffic Lawyer can do for you:

Whether or not you should hire a traffic attorney to handle a case in Chamblee Municipal Court depends on the situation and goals in your case. If you are unable or unwilling to attend court, a traffic lawyer can appear on your behalf and process the appropriate paperwork for you to avoid attending court. You will need to execute a Plea in Abstentia and provide a money order or cashiers check for the fine amount. This convenience could save you the stress of attending traffic court, from missing a day at work, or travel expenses.

If you have been charge with an offense such as Driving With Suspended License or Suspended Registration – or charged with Possession of Marijuana – it is almost always prudent to hire an attorney to avoid the potential of a license suspension or jail time. If you have been in an accident and are contesting liability, you will need an attorney to help fight your case.

Many speeding cases – including super speeder cases – in Chamblee can be better handled by a traffic lawyer. We will make sure your charge does not appear on your driving history, and raise your insurance premiums or suspend your license. We know how to evaluate such cases, and ask for the appropriate concessions from the prosecutors.

Under 21 drivers fall into a special category within Georgia traffic law. Georgia traffic law is especially harsh on such drivers, and in almost every case when an under 21 driver is charged with a traffic violation in Chamblee it is prudent to consult an attorney. An experienced traffic lawyer can explain whether or not the charge will suspend the young driver’s license, or raise the insurance premiums – which are often paid for by their parents.

Unfortunately, the law does not take into consideration that the parents will typically pay the burden of the consequences of the harsh suspension laws by being forced to pay higher premiums, and provide taxi service for the young driver to and from school and activities. In almost every instance of an under 21 driver being charged with a traffic or criminal offense, it is best to consult an attorney familiar with Chamblee Municipal Court.

Examples of past cases handled in Chamblee Traffic Court:

- The most interesting case we have handled in Chamblee Municipal Court came in support of a young man seeking citizenship under the Dream Act. At the age of 15, he had been arrested for shoplifting along with some older boys. He was incorrectly processed as an adult, and given a criminal record. He had a clean record otherwise, and was being denied citizenship. He had grown up in the United States and because of this mistake, he was facing deportation to a country he had never been to since he was an infant. We were able to have his case reopened and the charge dismissed because the case should have been handled by the juvenile courts.

-We were able to have an accident case involving a garbage truck dismissed. Because of the dismissal, our client was able to pursue a personal injury law suit due to his severe head injury.

-We handle a handful of cases in Chamblee Municipal Court every month including speeding, no insurance, and Driving with a Suspended License or Driving with No License. In almost every instance so far we have been able to have our client’s charge reduced to keep it off their driving history or avoid a license suspension. If we have been unable to achieve our client’s goals, we successfully transferred the case to Dekalb County State Court.