Sam McRae Law is based a few miles away from Avondale Estates Municipal Court and regularly handles cases in this court. We have built a strong reputation in this court for handling traffic ticket and DUI cases with skill and expertise. That reputation allows us to handle even the most serious cases in this court and bring out clients the best possible results.

Avondale Estates is known for having a very active police force. There is almost always one or two patrol cars stationed on the main road through town – typically near the school zone. You might say this is a speed trap, except the police cars are usually clearly visible. Even so, they write a lot of tickets!

The police force here has also established a reputation for cracking down on drunk driving. They regularly monitor traffic coming from nearby Decatur in the evenings for suspect driving. If you find yourself caught up in a situation involving a DUI charge in Avondale, you definitely need the assistance of an Avondale Estates Traffic Lawyer.

In addition, Avondale Estates has some of the highest traffic ticket fines in the state of Georgia. A fine for a serious tag or license charge can be close to a thousand dollars. A run of the mill speeding ticket can costs hundreds. While you can easily enter a Nolo Contendre plea, this will not keep your insurance company from finding out about the charge. Most insurance companies will treat your Nolo plea just like a guilty plea. You may save yourself points on your license – but you have just costs yourself higher premiums. Don’t make this mistake and try handling your case without an experienced Avondale Estates Traffic Lawyer.