Sam McRae Law is located in the Atlanta metro area, and provides traffic lawyer services in Alpharetta Municipal Court. As an experienced Alpharetta Traffic Lawyer, I have taken on the most serious traffic violations in Alpharetta to the most mundane. Because we regularly take on cases in Alpharetta Municipal Court, we can provide our clients with guidance in handling their cases in the best possible manner. As Fulton County traffic lawyers, we are proud to provide a valuable service to our clients.

The traffic court in Alpharetta, Georgia is located in the northern part of Fulton County. Highway 400 falls within it’s jurisdiction and the Alpharetta police department regularly patrols this stretch of road. Speeding cases are common in Alpharetta, as well as DUI cases. We can typically handle less serious traffic violations without our clients having to be present in court. If you have a traffic violation in Alpharetta, please call us today to discuss your options.