Georgia has enacted a Super Speeder law that throws an extra wrinkle into the speeding laws of the state. The law imposes additional penalties on those convicted of speeding at high rates of speed. For example, someone convicted of speeding over 75 miles per hour on a two lane road is considered a Super Speeder. Furthermore, someone speeding over 85 miles per hours on any road or highway – like an interstate – is also considered a super speeder.

The fine for super speeding is $200. This is on top of whatever fine was paid in court. This money goes directly to the State of Georgia, and not paying the Super Speeder fine will result in a license suspension. The suspension will still be imposed even if you do not have a Georgia driver’s license. The fine must be paid within 120 days of the conviction date. Paying the ticket online is considered a conviction. So, your penalty might not be over if you decide pay your ticket online or hire a traffic lawyer to represent you.

A super speeder in Georgia is not considered a separate charge from a speeding ticket. It is not a more heinous version of speeding. You will not receive extra points on your license. The super speeder law in Georgia is merely an additional punishment for speeding at a high rate of speed.

As a traffic lawyer in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I can almost always save my clients money when it comes to Super Speeder tickets. If I am able to have the speed reduced below 85, I will save you the $200 super speeder penalty up front. If I am able to keep the speeding ticket completely off your record – or even minimizes the speed reported on your driving history – further savings will be seen by keeping your auto insurance premiums low. In cases of super speeder tickets, hiring a competent traffic lawyer will almost always pay for itself in the short run and long run.