Drivers are susceptible to a variety of traffic charges under all driving conditions, and the commuters within the traffic-heavy area of Atlanta and DeKalb County are no exception. Many people who receive a citation for infractions, such as speeding, failure to maintain lane or reckless driving, will mail in a payment without contesting the ticket, then try to forget that the embarrassing incident ever occurred. These drivers are forgetting or ignoring that the annoying fine they paid is not the end of their case.

In many instances, after the fine is paid, points are automatically added to the driver’s record. These points may accumulate over time, and even after just a few tickets, these points can land a driver with a suspended or revoked license. In addition, without the assistance of an Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer, a record of the charge is sent to the driver’s insurance company. These charges are reported on your driving history and will be reflected in your premiums afterwards.

Drivers who receive traffic citations, even for minor violations, are in need of professional guidance from an experienced attorney. To avoid paying inflated fines, building dangerous points on your driving history, and increasing your insurance premiums in the long term, contact Sam McRae Law for a free consultation on how to handle your case properly.