Speeding is the most common of all traffic violations. While most speeding tickets require only that an offender pay a fine, the amount by which the offender has broken the limit will decide the number of points that will be added to that offender’s driving history and these points can mean more money out of your pocket and even a suspended license in some cases.

GA Speeding Ticket Points System

0 – 14 mph over the limit0 points
15 mph but less than 19 mph over the limit2 points
19 mph but less than 24 mph over the limit3 points
24 mph but less than 34 mph over the limit4 points
34 mph or more over the limit6 points

This is important to know because when an offender pays off the fine without properly taking care of a speeding ticket these points are automatically added to the offender’s driving history and may cause their insurance rates to rise dramatically. For drivers under 21 this could potentially lead to a mandatory suspension of your license.

Consequently, it is imperative to seek a reduction on every speeding ticket a driver receives, especially for professional driversdrivers under 21 and out-of-state drivers.  Also if you have been charged with a super speeder ticket.

The smartest thing any driver can do after receiving a speeding citation is to contact a Dekalb traffic lawyer such as Sam McRae so they can be sure that the points are never accrued and their insurance rates never go up.