Because of the way it sounds, a ticket for reckless driving carries a bad connotation. You may picture a violent car chase or an angry deranged driver running people off of the road. Sam McRae knows through experience that this is not always the case and that the charge itself can be difficult to define. As an Atlanta traffic lawyer, he knows that a citation for reckless driving can mean as little as a quick change of a lane or speeding up to catch a yellow light. Technically any maneuver that can be deemed harmful to other drivers on the road, as decided by the judgment of the citing officer, can be called reckless driving.

This violation can add 4 points to your license (enough for a suspension for drivers under 21) and a fine of up to $1,000. In addition, reckless driving can result in a criminal misdemeanor charge which can effect your ability to get a job and consequently mean up to a 12 month jail sentence for convicted offenders. However, a reckless driving charge doesn’t have to be a major impact on your lifestyle. Sam McRae, experienced Dekalb traffic lawyer, is fully capable of handling your case. Call this office today and put your reckless driving case in good hands.