Driving without a license can be a serious offense, one that may land you behind bars. There are a number of statutes that apply in different cases.

Driving Without License on Person is an automatic dismissal by statute if the offender provides proof of being licensed, this is the least severe.

Driving While Unlicensed and Driving While License Expired are treated differently by different courts and can be very complicated depending on the jurisdiction that charge has fallen under.

Driving while license suspended is the most serious. It has a two day minimum jail sentence a year with a suspended license and typically close to a $1,000 fine. Subsequent offenders are treated much more severely and may be sentenced to a year in prison, thousands in fines and a two year suspension of their license.

Without the representation of a qualified Dekalb traffic lawyer, those charged with this violation could receive the maximum punishment. If you have been charged with Driving without a license under any statute, call Sam McRae immediately.