Sam McRae Law has developed and maintains an active traffic ticket practice in Gwinnett County Recorders Court and other Municipal Courts in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Gwinnett Recorders Court can often be a difficult and confusing place for non-attorneys to navigate. But the court provides attorneys and defendants with attorneys privileges not always available to the pro se defendant. For instance, defendants may not need to appear at all, if they have hired an attorney. Their case can be handled without them having to attend the court session. Your case can be handled earlier than your assigned court date, or postponed if necessary.

While reductions of charges are not as easy to come by in Gwinnett, Sam McRae Law maintains a high success rate in Gwinnett Recorders Court. This includes having charges reduced to stay off our clients records, and in some cases having fines reduced. This is especially important for truck drivers who have been charged while traveling through Gwinnett on I-85. Sam McRae also has experience representing juveniles charged with traffic violations in the Juvenile Court of Gwinnett County.

Gwinnett Recorders Court is probably the most organized county traffic court in the State of Georgia. As a traffic lawyer handling cases in Gwinnett County, Sam McRae

If you are thinking about hiring a Gwinnett County Traffic Lawyer, look no further than Sam McRae Law. We are available to represent you on our Gwinnett Speeding Tickets, accident cases, Suspended License cases, and others.

Gwinnett County Traffic Lawyer

Other Gwinnett traffic courts we service include:

  • Lawrenceville Municipal Court
  • Suwanee Municipal Court
  • Lilburn Municipal Court
  • Duluth Municipal Court