Georgia recently enacted a Move-Over Law, which is designed to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities to authorized emergency personnel on the side of the road.

This law requires drivers to make a lane change to a lane that isn’t directly beside the emergency vehicle, if possible. If it is not possible, you must slow down your speed to less than the posted speed limit.

Move Over For…

You must move over or reduce your speed for stationary authorized emergency vehicles with flashing lights, stationary towing or recovery vehicles, and stationary highway maintenance vehicles with flashing lights.

The Atlanta traffic lawyers at Sam McRae encourage you to note that the word “stationary” applies to all of the above vehicles—you can proceed as usual if the vehicle is driving on the road or on the shoulder.

What to Do

When you’re driving, keep an eye out for any emergency vehicles or other vehicles with flashing lights on the side of the road.

If you see one, move out of the lane that drives past it. If not, make sure you are driving below the speed limit. Remember, just slowing down is not enough if you are still going over the limit.

The Fine

Georgia was determined to get people’s attention about the “Move-over Law.” The standard fine for violating it is $500.

The DeKalb County traffic court experts at Sam McRae Law note that this harsh fine is actually a mid-range fine for a Move-over law; some states have fines that are more than $1,000. Still, it’s too much to pay for a law that is so easy to follow.

Remember, You Risk More than a Fine

If you choose to ignore the Move-over Law, you could be risking more than just a hefty fine – you could be risking lives. Police, emergency personnel and DOT workers have all been killed while on the side of the road. You also risk personal injury or death, as well as the wellbeing of anyone who has pulled over. Everyone at Sam McRae Law encourages you to stay safe by following the law.