Douglas County is not typically known for being a defense friendly jurisdiction. But Sam McRae has taken on tough cases in Douglas County traffic court, and Douglasville Municipal court with consistent success. We do this by cultivating the relationships and gaining the experience necessary to bring your case to the best possible result. We are proud to offer our services as Douglasville, Georgia traffic lawyers.

Douglasville Municipal Court Attorney

Sam McRae has had very positive results for clients in Douglasville Municipal Court over the years. In one instance, he was able to have a serious hit and run case dismissed. By retaining a lawyer for your traffic violation in Douglasville, Georgia, you are providing yourself with the best possible outcome. In addition, those charged with minor violations like speeding tickets will not have to appear in court. Douglasville Municipal court is on our regular circuit of courts, so if you have any questions about your Douglasville traffic cases, please call today.

Douglas County Traffic Court

At this time we are only providing representation for those charged with speeding tickets in Douglas State Court. I-20 runs through the county, and local police officers regularly patrol the interstate. Many out of town drivers receive speeding tickets in Douglas County, Georgia. We are able to provide our services as Douglas County speeding ticket lawyers to help you have your charged reduced to a non-reporting speed that will not effect your insurance rates. These cases can almost always be handled without you having to appear in court – saving you the expense and hassle of travel.

Douglasville, Georgia Traffic Lawyer

If you find yourself charged with a traffic violation in Douglas County, Georgia, or the Municipal Court of Douglasville, please call us. We have experience and proven results to get the job done.