Sam McRae Law serves DeKalb County, representing clients in Atlanta traffic court and DeKalb County Recorders Court. Whether you have been charged with a minor or major traffic violation, Sam McRae Law has the experience and expertise to get results. In addition, we handle misdemeanor and felony cases with a passion for criminal defense that allows us to provide our clients with knowledgeable and effective representation.

Getting a DeKalb County traffic ticket is no doubt stressful and often confusing with all of its implications. If you are improperly represented, the long-term consequences could be detrimental to your driver’s license and insurance premiums, so you need the advice of an experience attorney. Sam McRae can help relieve the worry and anxiety of dealing with a ticket, and we can typically offer representation without even requiring you to take time out of your schedule to appear in court. With most cases, our representation can be secured over the phone without requiring an office visit to interrupt your day.

We offer counsel for the following in DeKalb County:

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