Over the years, our firm has grown roots in Dekalb County that translates into us being effective and successful Dekalb County criminal defense lawyers.

Gunner Pak, one of the partners, worked in the Dekalb County District Attorney’s office for years. He is a respected criminal defense attorney – so much so that he was recently on the shortlist sent to the Governor for a judicial position. Because of this experience and reputation, Gunner handles the majority of the felony cases within the firm.

Sam McRae cut his teeth with the Dekalb County Public Defender’s office, and defended scores of indigent defendants before he had even passed the bar exam. Since, he has specialized in traffic violation and misdemeanor defense. From minor fender benders to more serious hit and run cases with serious injuries – Sam is completely at home being a misdemeanor defense attorney in the local court system.

As a whole, the firm prides itself on our ability to achieve results as a Dekalb County criminal defense law firm. We have taken on tough cases where client’s futures were on the line. Whether it was a DUI case that threatened a job. Or a serious drug case that could have resulted in years of imprisonment. We have gotten results in the past, and we will get them for you. We are the Dekalb County Criminal Defense Lawyers that can help you navigate the local courts to the best possible conclusion.

Why does it matter that I hire a criminal defense law firm that is well-known in Dekalb County?

We work with the same prosecutors and judges in Dekalb County all the time. We are comfortable working with them, and know their tendencies and quirks – to say the least. They know we are good attorneys that will fight for our clients in a fair and honest manner. These relationships can become adversarial, but always respectful.

These relationships didn’t happen overnight. We worked on them for years. What these relationships do for you as our client is put you at an advantage of putting your case in the best possible light. If your case is a close call, the judges and prosecutors will typically give us the benefit of the doubt.

This helps us negotiate your criminal case to the best possible conclusion. That could be a thoughtfully negotiated plea bargain that disrupts your life in the least possible way. Or in some cases, we have negotiated dismissals without having to go to trial.

We are straight forward criminal defense attorneys.

By that statement, we mean that we will be honest and straightforward with you about your case at all times. If your case is not going well – you will know. If we have a strategy that we think will work in your case, you will know about it. We are your guides and advisors in this difficult situation. We are proud of that fact, and won’t lead you astray with false promises. Your case will be evaluated fairly and honestly – as if you were a good friend. You won’t be left worrying about your case. You will know from day one how good or bad your case is, and what we can do about it.

Recent Criminal Defense Case results

-          Heroin Trafficking case was dismissed after a motion’s hearing

-          Theft case was dismissed after a sidebar with judge

-          Hit and Run charges were avoided after working with police investigator

-          DUI amended to Reckless Driving after finding issues with the arrest