Should You Go to Court or Pay Your Ticket?

Nearly everyone of driving age has at some time or another received a ticket for violating the rules of the road. Most people just accept the ticket as law and pay their fine, but it is often the case that they could have received a reduced fine or been cleared of the charges if they had just investigated their case more carefully and gone to court. Click here to read more »

How to Beat a Traffic Ticket

Beating a traffic ticket begins the second you get pulled over. As traffic attorneys in Atlanta, we know that how you behave with the law enforcement officer goes a long way toward determining whether you will get off with a warning, issued a ticket or even worse.

Getting Pulled Over

When you see the flashing lights, pull over immediately where the officer can approach safely. Many people, knowing that they will have to produce their license, registration and insurance card, start digging around their car immediately. Don’t do that! The officer does not know you. For all he or she knows, you could be rummaging around for a weapon. In this scenario the officer may run your license plate first to make sure that you are not in a stolen vehicle, or otherwise a threat. While waiting for that information, he or she is probably going to start writing up your citation.

Instead, when you pull over, turn off your engine and put your hands on the steering wheel or somewhere the officer can see them. If it is dark out, turn on your interior lights so that you can be easily seen. If you do not appear to be a threat, an officer is more likely to approach you right away.

When the officer asks for your license and other documents, be sure to say where they are (glove compartment, purse, etc.) before you reach for anything. Do not make sudden, unexplained moves.

When the officer asks if you know why you were pulled over, answer politely that you do not. Do not admit guilt because it may not even be what you think. Anything you admit to will make it harder to contest the ticket. Do not make up a story, either. Not admitting guilt does not mean arguing with the officer. By being polite and cooperative, you could get a lesser citation or none at all.

When You Receive a Ticket

If you see that you are not going to get out of a ticket, ask the officer if you can handle it by mail. If it doesn’t seem like you will go to court, he or she may take fewer notes, which will help you in the long run. It will also help if you don’t cause a fuss or do anything to leave a lasting impression because by the time you get to court, he or she will be less likely to recall your specific incident.

The officer will likely wait to leave until you pull away so get moving quickly, but as soon as possible, write down everything about the stop, such as traffic and road conditions, weather and any other extenuating circumstances. If there is something relevant to your defense that you can photograph, do so, and make sure there is a date and time on the photo.

To Fight or not to Fight

The code number on the ticket indicates what you were cited for. Find out what the fine will be and the number of points that will go on your record.

Find out when you need to appear in court if you plan to contest the ticket. For most minor violations, your ticket will give you the option to pay the fine. In almost all jurisdictions, payment is an admission of guilt, so do not send a payment if you plan to fight the citation.

Weigh the cost of fighting the ticket against the chances of getting it dismissed or reduced. Our Atlanta traffic lawyers have a 90 percent record of success. Remember that Georgia does not offer traffic school as an alternative to paying a fine or having points added to your license.

Of course, we would prefer that everyone drives safely, and avoids getting pulled over at all. However, we know that in Atlanta, traffic tickets are sometimes unavoidable. That is why we are here to help.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Many people view the assistance of an attorney as an additional, unnecessary fee. However, there are a number of reasons someone with an Atlanta traffic violation would do well to hire a Dekalb traffic lawyer.

When you receive a ticket, there is more than just a fine associated with the citation, especially in the long run. By paying the fine you are admitting guilt in a court of law. The charge is recorded on your driving history and points accrue on your license.

Over time these points will be sent to your insurance agency effectively raising your “risk-level” and in turn your premiums go up. A ticket that costs you $200 in fines could end up costing you hundreds, even thousands of extra dollars in the long run.

Also, in more serious cases, the help of an experienced attorney could mean a difference of thousands of dollars in fines and even freedom vs jail-time.

By hiring an experienced Dekalb traffic attorney you are buying more than just professional legal services, you are also buying piece of mind. With Sam McRae at your side you can avoid the hassle of court dates, lower your fines and stop those points from ever reaching your insurance company or your driving history. So if you have a ticket, major or minor, make sure to contact this office for a legal consultation and a large dose of peace of mind.

Why Fight A Ticket?

When you receive a ticket, be it for speeding, running a stop sign or not using your blinker, you have two options. You may pay your fine or go to court and fight the charge. Many people aren’t interested in the hassle of taking off time from work to go to court, wait in long lines and deal with the legal system (and rightfully so) so they pay off their fine and assume the case is over.

What many people don’t realize is that by doing so, they are in fact costing themselves more money in the long run. After the fine is paid, a charge (depending on the offense) is added to their driving history and with it are points that accrue on their license. These points are reported to their insurance company which indicates a certain amount of risk and thus inflates that driver’s premiums costing them hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars in the long run.

If those same drivers were to have contacted a Dekalb traffic lawyer to resolve their case, their attorney could have likely lessened their initial fee and erased the points before they were ever recorded on their driving history. In the end the insurance company would have never known the violation had occurred and the case would have been truly resolved with little more hassle than the driver had in the first place.

If you have a ticket and find interest in handling it properly, contact the offices of Sam McRae for a legal consultation.

Insurance Rates

Above all other criteria, car insurance companies value the safe and defensive driving ability of their customers. When you receive a ticket, any traffic violation, and pay it off without handling it properly, points are assessed on your driving history and then reported to your insurance company.

When you pay off a ticket you end up paying more in the long run through your insurance premiums than you would by hiring an experienced Dekalb traffic lawyer to handle your case and make sure the points are never accrued in the first place.

The next time you receive a ticket of any kind remember to call Sam McRae, Dekalb traffic attorney, and have it taken care of quickly and professionally.

DUI – Less Safe

Most people know the rules and implications surrounding a DUI, what most people don’t know however is the differences between a DUI violation and a DUI less safe. This is because a DUI less safe case is quite complicated. This is how a DUI is charged when the offender refuses any type of chemical test, such as a breathalyzer, or when the breathalyzer results show the level of alcohol in their blood or their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level to be under the legal limit of .08 .

Because of the complicated nature of a DUI less safe case, it is important to acquire legal representation that understands the intricacies of such a case. Dekalb traffic lawyer Sam McRae is one such attorney. If you have been charged with a DUI less safe contact his offices immediately for a legal consultation.

Dekalb County Recorders Court

If you have been summoned to Dekalb County Recorder’s Court for a violation of any kind you may find yourself with a few questions. Do you know the proper etiquette for this specific court room? Do you know the judges that reside there and their pet peeves? As a Dekalb Traffic Lawyer, Sam McRae does. As an experienced attorney in Dekalb county he is acutely familiar with the “scenery.” Consequently, acquiring his representation leaves you far more likely to advance your case to the best possible outcome.

Instead of attempting to handle your case alone, allow a Dekalb traffic lawyer with an intimate knowledge of your Dekalb county courthouse and your judges, to manipulate your case and earn the results you’re looking for.

Beating DekalbTraffic Tickets

Finding yourself in a court room can be an intimidating circumstance, especially without the help of a professional. Just like anything else, the legal system has its own pace and a unique set of rules and etiquette. Fighting a traffic ticket without an Dekalb traffic lawyer is comparable to fixing a major engine leak in your driveway. The problem is complicated but with the correct arsenal of knowledge and experience it can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Traffic tickets can be beaten, and having the right attorney makes all the difference. So instead of reading through chapters of legal jargon and attacking the court room yourself, let Sam McRae’s experienced legal services handle your case and without the hassle.

After Receiving a Ticket

Receiving a ticket can be a frustrating event. If you are late for an appointment and get caught for speeding or even a more severe violation, you will find that you are even later than before. This aggravation many times leads people to give up on doing anything about their ticket. By simply paying your fine you are doing yourself an even greater disservice. Down the road you may find that your license has accrued points and consequently your car insurance has become more expensive.

After receiving an infraction on the road, it is important to follow a few simple steps to protect yourself from the consequences of becoming idle. First put the ticket in a safe place, it holds vital information such as your court date, citation number and the officer’s notes detailing his account of the incident. Secondly, concern yourself with avoiding another infraction due to the frustration of receiving the ticket. When you have a few minutes, place a call to your Dekalb traffic lawyer and find out what kind of fine and point-level your citation carries. Usually the assistance of an attorney can help lower your fine and guarantee that points aren’t added to your license. Make sure you give your attorney the citation number so that he can contact the court in reference to your case and make sure that no court dates are missed and all the information is correct.