In the past several months, Dekalb County Recorders Court has become an increasingly harsh and inhospitable court to find yourself charged with a traffic violation. Recommended sentences from the District Attorney’s office regularly include jail time for common charges like speeding tickets. A common joke among Dekalb County lawyers is that you are much better off getting arrested for a felony drug charge than a speeding ticket. As you will likely receive probation on a first time felony charge, and a week in jail for the speeding ticket. For the most part, the judges go along with the recommendations and regularly fill the county jail with traffic violators.

However, you don’t have to handle your case in Dekalb Recorders Court. You can have your case moved to State Court simply by demanding a jury trial. In the State of Georgia you are guaranteed your right to a jury trial even on the smallest traffic infraction. By making a jury trial demand, your case will be transferred to the State Court of Dekalb County. The State Court is much more efficient and organized than the Recorders Court. You will be dealing with prosecutors that are typically more seasoned, and have a much more serious caseload consisting of DUIs and Family Violence Battery cases.

Does this mean everyone charged with a traffic violation in Dekalb County should bind their case over by demanding a jury trial? No. If you qualify for the diversion program in Recorder’s Court, you should seriously consider participating in it. If you can manage the requirements involved, that’s an easy way to earn a dismissal. If you have a case that does not come with any points (such as Expired Tag) – you definitely need to keep your case in Recorders Court. If you have an accident case where you don’t believe the other driver will appear at trial – keep it in Recorders Court.

Real sentences that this Dekalb Traffic Lawyer has seen passed out in Dekalb Recorders Court: 10 days in jail and a $1000 fine for a 92mph speeding ticket, 10 days in jail and a $1000 for a Suspended License case, 25 days in jail for drag racing, and on. You can’t expect to get a free pass in Dekalb County on traffic violations anymore. If you find yourself charged with a serious offense in Dekalb County Recorders Court, you should think seriously about your right to a jury trial. If you need help making this decision – please contact a Dekalb County Traffic Attorney for a consultation.