Atlanta Municipal Court is one of the busiest traffic courts in the country. Every week thousands of cases are handled. Remarkably, these cases are processed in a somewhat efficient manner. In large part, this is due to the PTIT program in place in that court. So, what is PTIT?

Spelled out PTIT stands for “Pre-Trial Intervention – Traffic.” This means the traffic case is handled prior to it entering the trial phase. The case is diverted from the typical trial route of arraignment, calendar call, and trial date. Instead, the defendant is asked to complete certain requirements in exchange for a dismissal in his or her case. This will always include a participation fee – that cannot exceed $300 – and is usually cheaper than the original fine amount. It will also typical include completion of a course – such as defensive driving. This meets the requirements of a rehabilitation program, as well as deterring future infractions by a accessing a monetary fee. The end result for you is that your ticket is dismissed.

Who qualifies? Anyone over 21 that has not participated in the program in the past 12 months and the current charges do not involve an accident. Certain charges are also disqualified such as speeding tickets 31 mph over and Suspended License cases. CDL drivers are also disqualified. (If you don’t know what CDL stands for – you don’t have one).

How do I enter the program? Show up for your court date at the required time and courtroom. Simple as that, the court staff will inform you if you qualify for PTIT and how to proceed if you wish to partake. You’ll be sent to another court room where a solicitor will process your case. After hearing the requirements, if you decide not to participate, simply return to your original courtroom and handle you case from there.

Why should I hire a lawyer to sign me up for PTIT? Well, this Atlanta Traffic Lawyer says you shouldn’t! Go to court yourself and sign up. The process takes a couple of hours at most. Finish the requirements and collect your dismissal. But if you wish to partake in the program, and are unable to attend court, we can appear on your behalf. We take care of the court appearance, and turning in your paperwork. You will never have to appear. Plus we are responsible for things when they occasionally go wrong. My firm charges $350 for the service. This is the smallest fee we will charge on any case, but even still it’s not for everyone. We regularly consult people to go sign themselves up for the program. If you have more questions, please contact us.