Atlanta Accident Attorney

As Atlanta accident attorneys, we have represented hundreds of people involved in car accidents in the Atlanta area. Our typical clients have been charged with causing the accident and we are hired to mitigate their liability by protecting their driving record. But on the flip-side of that skill set, we have also recovered nearly a million dollars in compensation for clients who were injured by other’s negligence.

Because of our experience with these type of cases, we know how to analyze a car accident. In some cases, we have been able to recover damages for clients who were initially issued a citation by the police officer. We use our unique skill set to investigate the causes of the car accident by finding witnesses not interviewed by the police, and in some cases employing accident reconstruction experts. We also maintain close relationships with experienced personal injury attorneys to help prepare your case for trial. In all we have had dozens of accident cases dismissed in traffic court. This gives us insight the typical Atlanta personal injury attorney does not possess in overcoming liability issues that may hinder your chances of recovery.

If you have been injured in a car accident and want a no nonsense evaluation of your case, give us a call.

Dekalb Accident Attorney

Our practice is located in Dekalb County, Georgia. As such, we have a special place in our hearts for serving the citizens of the county as Dekalb accident attorneys. We want fight for those injured by other’s negligence. We know the courts. We know the judges. And we understand the frustration you can experience when dealing with insurance companies trying to be compensated for your damages. If you have been injured in a car accident in Dekalb County, call us right away. We can help guide you through the process like no other law firm.

Case Examples

  • Client was cited for a car accident on the 4th of July in Dekalb County. She was struck in the rear by a hit and run driver, and sustained serious injuries. We recovered $100,000 in damages.
  • Client was riding his bike around a parked vehicle in Kirkwood when he was struck by a vehicle pulling out of a drive way. He was cited by the City of Atlanta. We had his charge dismissed, and recovered $50,000 in damages.
  • Client was riding his bike on the sidewalk in Forrest Park. He was struck by a vehicle turning into a parking lot. Client’s citation for riding a bike on the sidewalk was dismissed. We recovered his medical expenses.
  • Client was arrested for possession of Marijuana. The officer fractured her wrist by negligently putting on the handcuffs. We had her charges dismissed clearing the way for her to recover medical expenses.
  • Client slipped and fell on a leaky water fountain in a retail store. She experienced life changing back and pelvis injuries. We recovered $600,000.
  • Client fell on a broken sidewalk outside her apartment building. She had knee surgery and missed several weeks of work. We recovered $95,000.