Receiving a ticket can be a frustrating event. If you are late for an appointment and get caught for speeding or even a more severe violation, you will find that you are even later than before. This aggravation many times leads people to give up on doing anything about their ticket. By simply paying your fine you are doing yourself an even greater disservice. Down the road you may find that your license has accrued points and consequently your car insurance has become more expensive.

After receiving an infraction on the road, it is important to follow a few simple steps to protect yourself from the consequences of becoming idle. First put the ticket in a safe place, it holds vital information such as your court date, citation number and the officer’s notes detailing his account of the incident. Secondly, concern yourself with avoiding another infraction due to the frustration of receiving the ticket. When you have a few minutes, place a call to your Dekalb traffic lawyer and find out what kind of fine and point-level your citation carries. Usually the assistance of an attorney can help lower your fine and guarantee that points aren’t added to your license. Make sure you give your attorney the citation number so that he can contact the court in reference to your case and make sure that no court dates are missed and all the information is correct.